So Energy so much jazzier

We’ve Jazzed Ourselves up a Little!


We’ve just hit five years old, and like all five year olds we’ve been rapidly outgrowing things, so we’ve got a new look!

We have a new logo, new colour palette and a new spring in our step that we think will make us stand out in the world of energy suppliers.

We’ve got a few bus ads zipping around (pictured below), we’ll be on a few billboards and you’ll see our updated look across our website, your account section and on every price comparison website you visit.

This year has seen significant milestones for us. We’re five, we’ve hit 200,000 customers and we’re reaching 200 So Energists that make up our wonderful teams, so we’re marking these milestones with our brand new look (that we find very exciting and hope you do too) to keep moving us forward as a supplier of good energy.

All feedback is hugely welcome, so let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!