Your Energy Saving Tips

Your Energy Saving Tips

Jim and Our Customers

We’ve talked extensively about how to save energy in the home, in blogs, a dedicated section on our website and in many face-to-face office conversations. With energy prices rising, it’s never been more important to save energy, and so for a new perspective we asked our customers for their energy saving tips (you may have seen the survey box pop up in your account section, and thank you to everyone who responded!).

Here are a few highlights:

Have an energy champion

Have someone in the home whose responsibility it is to check lights are off, the thermostat is turned down and no appliances are left on standby needlessly.

Only fill your kettle with what you need

If you're just making tea or coffee for one or two people, try filling the cups with cold water first then empty the water from the cups into an empty kettle. This way you only heat exactly the amount of water you need. In winter it may be useful to fill a large jug of the icy cold water from the tap into a large jug and let it stand in the kitchen where it will slowly come to room temperature in time for your next drink and pour this water into the cups then into the kettle. Save not only energy but time as well.

When boiling a kettle store any surplus hot water in a flask and do the washing up with it

Use timers on your appliances

I always forget to turn off chargers like cellphone, tablet and electric toothbrush, so they waste a trickle of power all the time. I use a simple timer that shuts them all off after 4 hours.

Plan ahead

We have found that planning and organising is key to saving energy. Knowing on and off peak charges and organising washing (so that it has time to dry naturally in the house) throughout the week, setting off-peak timers on things like the dishwasher and baking/cooking things in batches in one session. Make a meal plan for the week (or even better the month) to be able to freeze and cook to save not just money but energy by having multiple things cooking at once and not turning the oven on and off and waiting for it to warm.  It’s not easy with children but find a routine that works for you.

Close doors that don’t need to be open

Close doors so the thermostat works off the living area rather than a larger area of unoccupied rooms which are also fitted with radiator valves

Keep an eye on your smart meter

Since having a smart meter I’ve started looking into ways to save on power. We now use the dishwasher on the longest cycle which to my amazement works out cheaper and does a better job.

Avoid this one

Too cheap and lazy to use a draft excluder (cf recent BBC blog on this topic) so rolled up a carpet off cut, wedged one end under the door.

It is much harder to use than a draft excluder and it is not to be recommended.

If you have any energy saving tips you employ to reduce your usage, we’d love to hear them over on our Facebook or Twitter!