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Direct Debit Date - Get in touch with via message below with the new payment date you would like it to be moved to. Please note that we do take payment in advance and any date you move to must be ahead of your current date.

Direct Debit Account Details - You can visit Change Direct Debit or call 0330 111 5050 to do this.

Your online account is created at the time that you registered with us. To access your account, click on the ‘Login’ button on the top right corner. Once there, simply enter your username (email address) and password, the one chosen when you registered with us.

If you’ve forgotten your password, then please click the forgotten password link, type in your email and then click ‘Send me password reset instructions’. An email will then be sent containing a link to reset it.

Unfortunately, we do not support 1st generation Smart meters (SMETS1) so we can’t read your meter remotely. However, this doesn’t stop you from switching over to us, it just means that your meter will behave like a traditional energy meter and you’ll need to read it manually.

There are a few different types of manufacture of smart meters and how you read them depends on which one you have. We’ve compiled a guide how to read them.

We will get in in touch if there has been any objection to your supply so if we haven’t been in touch we will be supplying the meter we have on record for your property. Double check the address that you have signed up as well as the MPAN and MPRN numbers we have for your property. These should be correct but in very rare instances this can cause problems.

If you have checked these and they are correct, then it is likely your old supplier might be waiting until they have the received the opening reads. This can take up to 3 weeks from submitting and some suppliers might not stop any further payments. We would recommend you get in touch with them if you are concerned about your Direct Debit or account balance with your previous supplier.

We take your first Direct Debit payment on or around the date that you come on supply with us, subsequent payments will be taken on the monthly thereafter.

It may come out of your bank account a couple of days after this date if it falls on a weekend or bank holiday.


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