Helping to create a better future in 2017

Last year we decided to focus some of our time and energy on doing good for charities and people who are very close to our hearts. Throughout 2017 we laughed and fundraised for the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and finished off the year on a high, by supporting the Christmas Present Appeal.

We’ve done a round-up of all the laughs we have had and things we did to raise money for these wonderful, wonderful causes. We brainstormed a list of all the amazing charities in the U.K., and our team eventually voted for GOSH, and the Christmas Present Appeal.

Crazy Clothes Day

We started our fundraising journey with a very entertaining ‘Crazy Clothes Day’. On the last Friday in June, our team all dressed up in what we would describe as silly and extravagant attire.

This day was hugely successful and we ended up raised over £500 for GOSH.

Ealing Half Marathon

A few of our brave team members decided that it would be fantastic to combine something they loved (running) with fundraising, and SO the Ealing Half Marathon team was born. (Check them out pre-run below).

Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

We finished the year off on a high, by donating an amazing amount of gifts and toys to the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal. All we wanted was for those less fortunate to have something to help their days shine a little brighter last festive season, we were so proud of how generous our staff were.

2017 was an amazing year on the charity front for So Energy, and we’re planning to have an even better, bigger and brighter year in 2018.

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