Energy saving tips

Ban energysaving

9 simple ways to reduce your energy usage around the home and keep your bills low.

Are you a Mad-hatter about your tea?

Only filling the kettle with the amount of water you actually need for your cuppa rather than a full kettle each time, will reduce your usage by 50%.

Can you be-freeze it?

Your fridge-freezer alone can make up 20% of your energy bill. Build up in layers of ice reduces it's efficiency and therefore will require much more energy to keep it cool. Defrosting your freezer regularly will keep your fridge-freezer efficient and will help to keep its usage to a minimum.

Be cool.

Washing at a 30°C rather than at higher temperatures uses around 40% less energy. Washing with a full load can reduce the number of washes you need, or if you do run smaller washes use a reduced load programme.

(don’t) wait a minute.

9 billion litres of water are used in homes across Britain every day. The average shower takes 7.5 minutes, now if that shower had been 1 minute shorter the nation would have saved £215m.

Lights out.

Turning appliances off when they are not in use (rather than standby) and turning lights off in unused rooms could save you nearly £90 a year!

Like clockwork.

Your heating is by far the biggest contributor to your energy bill. Programming your central heating so that you only have it on when you actually need it.

Not just a load of hot air.

Don’t block or cover your radiators. Anything getting in the way of the heat filling the room lowers the effectiveness of the radiators. This will mean that they'll have to work that much harder for the same effect.

It's a breeze.

Cut the drafts. Simple steps can help your home retain heat better. Draft proof strips around the window and doors frames could save you £50 per year.

Here’s a bright idea.

Switch your old inefficient light bulbs to cheaper-to-run energy-saving ones. The latest energy efficient bulbs are more than 4 times more efficient than the standard ones. If you replaced 10 old light bulbs over to the new energy efficient ones, you could save £70 per year.

Look for the labels.

When replacing fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers look for the energy efficiency certificates. An A-rated appliance could save your more than £13 a year.
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