Moving Home

If you're already a So Energy customer and moving home, you can take us with you. Just get in touch with us ahead of the move so we can arrange this for you. We will set you up on a new 12 month contract and early termination fees on your existing contract will not apply.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we'll need to know the following from you:

Current property

  • the last date you are responsible for the property (sale completion date or your move out date as agreed with your landlord or letting agency)
  • if you know who's moving in or who will responsible for the property once you've moved out.
  • your closing reads (after you've move out of course). This is so we can end your usage at the right place.

Unless specifically requested, we will transfer your full account balance over to your new property.

New property

  • Move in date. It takes us 21 days to get your new property on supply so the more notice you give us the better.
  • where you're moving to.
  • whether you need gas and or electricity.
  • a bit of information on your new place (number of bedrooms, how it's heated and whether you'll cook using gas or electricity), this is so we can estimate your usage in order to work out your new payment amount.
  • your opening reads (once you've moved in). This is so we can again start you off at the right point.

If you give us fewer than 21 days' notice, we won't have time to take supply on your move in date, so your opening reads need to go to the current supplier of the property, and we'll ask for readings again when we take over the supply. You'll then get a short bill for that time from the current supplier. We can tell you who the current supplier is.

We know moving house is a busy time, so we're trying to make it as pain free as possible. Send us an email or give us a call on 0330 111 5050, and we'll talk you through it.

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