Direct Debit payment review

We review how much you're paying every 6 months to ensure that your payments reflect your energy usage, making sure that there isn't an unexpected large credit/debit on your account. If your usage is higher or lower than expected then we may revise your Direct Debit payments, but we will confirm with you before doing this. Even if your account is in credit, we may still need to increase your payment amount to allow for higher usage during the winter months.

Example 1
If you end up using less than initially anticipated, we will reduce your monthly payments so that you don't end up paying us more than you need to!

Example 2
If you end up using more energy than originally forecast, we will need to increase your monthly Direct Debit so that your payments remain in line with your usage. In the example below, the account could be in credit when we review the account, but due to higher usage during the winter months, there would still be a large debt at the end of the contract. This is a situation that no one wants. In these situations we would increase your monthly Direct Debit payment to prevent your account from building up a debt.

Remember – you only pay for what you use, any remaining account balance will be settled at the end of your contract.

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