When will I get my final bill?

5 days before you're due to come on supply with us we'll send you an email asking for your opening reads. Once we've received your opening read(s) we'll then pass them on for validation. This is a standard industry process where the opening reads you've given us are checked against the information that the energy industry holds for your property to make sure they're in-line. If we don't receive an opening read from you, we'll generate an estimated opening read for you. This process normally only takes a week or two, but in some rare cases, can be as long as 4 weeks.

See our guide on the Opening Read Validation Process process for more information.

Once the validation process has been completed we'll then send the opening reads over to your previous supplier, who will use these to produce your final bill with them. You will then be able to settle any debit/credit you may have with them. Your closing reading with them should match your opening meter reading with us, so you will never get charged twice for the energy.

You should receive your final bill from them around 2 - 4 weeks after you've been on supply with us.

No final bill after 6 weeks

If you still haven't received your final bill after 6 weeks we recommend double checking that we have the correct MPAN and MPRN within your Welcome Pack to make sure that we have switched the correct property over to us. If we have the correct details, we recommend getting in touch with your previous supplier about your final bill.

Unfortunately, once we've sent over your opening reads, we aren't able to do anything to get your previous supplier to produce your final bill with them, you will need to speak to them directly about this.

If you're unsure about what we're responsible for and what your previous supplier is see the Energy Switch Guarantee.

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