When will I get my final bill?

I've switched to a new supplier

If you’re switching away, your new supplier is responsible for organising your switch. To give you an idea of what needs to happen to get your final bill, here’s a general timeline to follow. Your new supplier can provide more detail along the way:

Register with a new energy supplier.

Your new supplier will then notify us that you wish to switch away from us and to them.

When they take over your supply, they'll ask for your opening readings.

We can only produce your final bill once these reads from your new supplier have been sent to us.
If you didn't provide any to them, they'll estimate these for you. It usually takes around 2-4 weeks for
us to receive these reads, but can take as long as 6 weeks.

As soon as we have your closing reads we'll generate your final bill and send it to you.
If you haven't received your final bill from us, you should speak to your new supplier first
to make sure the reads have been sent.

Your final bill will show a due date which is 14 days from when the bill is produced,
this is when a final payment is due or a refund will be made.
Take a look at our guide on Final Bills for more information.

If you disagree with the closing read that we've used you will need to follow the Disputed Reads process in order for your opening read with your new supplier and your closing read with us to be changed. For more information on this take a look at our guide on Disputing Closing Reads.

I've moved out of the property

You can let us know you're moving home at any time – the sooner the better! Your final bill will follow after you’ve moved out:

Let us know if you're moving out of a property supplied by So Energy.

We'll ask you for meter readings and the last day you are responsible for the property.

If we have your readings, we’ll send you a final bill within 1 week of you moving out.

If we haven't received readings, we’ll send you a final bill within 2 weeks based on estimates.
We may have to revise your final bill once new occupants provide readings.

If you’re taking us with you to your new property,
we will transfer your final bill balance over to your new property
(if you’d prefer to settle up and start on a clean slate, just let us know).

When is my final bill due?

Any payment due or refund owed will be settled 14 days after your final bill has been sent out to you. For more information see: Final Bill Explained.

Remember not to cancel your Direct Debit
We take payments and issue refunds via Direct Debit so please do not cancel this until your final balance has been settled. Only once this has been completed should you cancel your Direct Debit with us.

If you have cancelled your Direct Debit please get in touch as soon as possible to get this re-instated otherwise you may be subject to a missed payment fee (set out in our Terms and Conditions).

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