When will I get my final bill?

I've switched to a new supplier

If you’ve switched to a different energy supplier, they’ll need to send over the opening reads that they're starting your account off with them, before we can produce your final bill. This is to ensure that we close your account down with us at the same point they have opened their account with you. Once we have this we’ll be able to produce a final bill and sent it out to you.

I've moved out of the property

If you’re moved out of a property supplied by So Energy, we’ll generate your final bill on the closing reads you've provided us with. If you don’t have them we’ll estimate them for you.

If you’re leaving us and taking us with you, we will transfer your final bill balance over to your new property. If you’d prefer to settle up and start on a clean slate we can do that as well, just let us know.

When is my final bill due?

Any payment due or refund owed will be settled 14 days after your final bill has been sent out to you. For more information see: Final Bill Explained.

Remember not to cancel your Direct Debit
We take payments and issue refunds via Direct Debit so please do not cancel this until your final balance has been settled. Only once this has been completed should you cancel your Direct Direct with us.

If you have cancelled your Direct Debit please get in touch as soon as possible to get this re-instated otherwise you may be subject to a missed payment fee (set out in our Terms and Conditions).

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