Project Nexus

What is it?

Project Nexus is an initiative from the UK Gas industry to modernise the way it does things. It consists of the central body, Xoserve, and includes help from Ofgem and PwC, as well as the gas networks and other active participants (like So Energy too). It aims to replace certain systems, and update the way things work within the industry to make things better for everyone engaged within it.

The main changes involve the following:

1. A more responsive method by which meterpoints and their estimates get updated after meter reads are submitted (a 'rolling annual quantity').

2. Independent Gas Transporters (smaller networks that operate within the UK and supply around 2 million homes) will share data with Xoserve, reducing some delays when customers transfer over supply.

3. Some changes in the way gas that is 'lost' in the system (Unidentified Gas) is accounted for and allocated to different system users.

How might this affect me?

As a result of all the changing over of systems, the Gas industry is going to to be shutdown for a few days towards the end of May. This means that anyone switching to So Energy from 10th May onwards may take up to 30 days, as opposed to the usual 21 days. The date that you come on supply will be the one shown on the Welcome Pack we email you and if you have concerns then you should contact us on 0330 111 5050, or email us at

Where can I read more?

You can read more about Project Nexus on Ofgem's website here.

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