Refund Policy

It’s normal for you to have credit in your So Energy account over the summer period as most people use a lot less energy than in the winter months. If you do go into arrears at any point, we may ask you for a top up payment or increase your Direct Debit payments.

We review your Direct Debit payments half way through the year so your So Energy account balance should be as close to zero as possible at the end of your contract.

Getting a refund if you are currently a So Energy customer

We can offer refunds to customers with excess credit in their So Energy accounts. Please note, we might do a direct debit review first to make sure you’re paying the right amount, the refund needs to be at least £30 and the following conditions must be met:

  • If you pay seasonal adjusted Direct Debit payments, we need to hold at least one month’s payment amount which will be different based on the time of the year you request the refund. Summer payments are between April and September, and winter payments are between October and March. 

  • If you pay equal Direct Debit payments each month, we need to hold at least one month’s payment during Summer (March-August), and two months during colder months of the year (September-February). You can switch to seasonal payments. Find out more in our guide to Seasonal Direct Debit Payments.

  • We must have up-to-date meter readings for us to accurately confirm the balance of the So Energy account.

For larger refunds around or over £500:

  • If you have a smart meter and your latest statement reflects smart reads for all meters, there is no need to send us a photo or read. 

  • If you have a smart meter but your latest statement doesn’t reflect a smart meter reading, then we will need a photo of your meter from the last 30 days to confirm your reading and the meter serial number sent to

  • If you don’t have a smart meter, we will need a photo of all your meters within the last 30 days showing your readings and the meter serial numbers sent to You can book a free smart meter install by heading to the booking portal from your online account.
    No access to the booking portal? Register your interest for a smart meter install, here.

Getting a refund if you have recently renewed with So Energy

If you’ve just renewed, you may request for any overpayment on your previous tariff agreement to be refunded back to you. We will need up to date meter reads and for the final statement of your previous tariff agreement to have been produced.

The amount remaining in your So Energy account after the refund must be at least one month’s (new) payment amount, just like if you were a new customer. Please contact us if you believe you have overpaid.

Getting a refund if you have recently left So Energy

We will process a refund once your account is fully closed, please don’t cancel your Direct Debit as we will need to refund you into this same account.

To fully close an account, we need your final meter readings from your new supplier in order to generate the final bill. The meter readings don’t come directly to us from your new supplier so the process usually takes a few weeks.

Once we have the above, and have generated your final bill, we’ll process the refund and, in almost every case, you’ll have the money refunded into the same account you use for Direct Debit within 14 days. As above, please don’t cancel the Direct Debit as it may delay us in refunding you.