SO Energy employee Alex

Alex: a customer service expert


Hi there, my name's Alex and I’m a Customer Service Advisor for So Energy. I joined back in February 2017 and have just celebrated my first year anniversary in the ranks. I moved down from the Highlands of Scotland and am now living in London. These two worlds couldn't be further apart for me, but I've nearly adjusted. 

Coming from a customer service background I’ve always been proud of the level of service I provide, however I have never felt as at home as I do here amongst my colleagues (now friends) who share the same ethos. I also like to think that I understand the true value of customer service, not only for the customer and the business, but also for myself personally. There’s something about giving 100% and knowing that you’ve helped people that is so satisfying.

I truly believe that customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Statistically, if you or I were to have a positive experience with a company, on average we are likely to tell 9 people about it. On the other hand, if we were to have a negative experience, we're likely to tell 16 people - so we're almost twice as likely to tell our peers if we've had a negative rather than a positive experience with a business! In a study conducted by Genesys, 9000 people were asked what mattered to them most when it came to interacting with companies. 40% of them (more than double the responses that the second place answer received) said "better human service". This makes it even more important for service providers to maintain a high level customer service.

The genuine enthusiasm that myself and the other members of the Customer Service Team (not to mention everyone else at So Energy) have for making our customers happy is evident when we won the Hounslow Customer Service of the Year award last year - it was really gratifying to be able to say that our service is award-winning. Even more recently, we were awarded the Energy Supplier of the Year award at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2018 - it may not be too long before we'll need a trophy cabinet!