So Energy: Here to Stay

An Update on Where We Are

So Energy

As you’ll have noticed, the UK energy market has been a stormy one over recent months, caused by spiralling wholesale gas prices (we wrote about this back in September in this blog explaining why prices were rising).

This month, Citizens Advice has published a report on the impact that these rises are having on suppliers and customers, stating that ‘since the rise in prices, 26 suppliers have now collapsed, hitting 4 million households’.

We totally understand that this may be a cause for concern for energy customers across the country, who may be asking ‘what’s going to happen to my supplier?'

Just as we did when prices started to rise in September, we want to reassure you once again that if you’re a customer of So Energy, you have nothing to worry about. We’re going nowhere.

Despite market uncertainty, we’re here to stay. We’ll continue to supply your property over the winter months and beyond.

This is thanks to a number of factors, including the responsible way in which we procure energy and our recent merger with ESB Energy.

So Energy has been one of the leading energy suppliers since we were founded in 2015, consistently topping customer service rankings. In 2020 we were also a Which? Recommended Provider. Our merger with ESB allows us to benefit from their 90 years of experience in energy, as well as their strong financial standing. This means we’re now one of the best-run and best-supported suppliers in the UK market.

The partnership benefits from both companies' customer-centric values and green credentials, ESB’s extensive resources and expertise, and So Energy’s challenger brand and ethos. This gives us a strong platform going to in 2022.

While having a supplier you can rely on is reassuring, however, it is of secondary importance if you’re having a hard time keeping up with energy bills. If this is the case for you, visit our help centre to find out how we can help make things a bit more manageable.