Kyoto Garden

Green spaces in London


Kyoto Garden (Holland Park)

Image by travellingdaveuk

Kyoto Garden is a sweet little Japanese Garden tucked away in West London’s Holland Park. Located just outside of Central London, it’s a great place to take a breather and get some peace. The park is home to some beautiful blossoms as well as a waterfall. Bring yourself a picnic on a sunny day and enjoy the sounds and sights of Kyoto Garden.

Skip Garden (Kings Cross)

Picture of Skip Garden in Kings Cross

Image by Timeout

The Skip Garden is located in Kings Cross and is a really nifty use of space. The garden is based in the middle of 67 acres of construction site, but it's exact location does change. The Skip Garden is actually built on unsold construction land, so once the plot it's on is sold, it just moves onto the next one.  The garden itself is grown out of construction waste and is tended to by local volunteers. It is self-sustaining and uses a variety of organic gardening practices. There's also a café on site and the food sold comes from the garden, which we think is pretty awesome.

Isabella Plantation (Richmond Park)

Photo of Isabella Plantation in Richmond

Image by stevekeiretsu

The Isabella Plantation is a 40-acre garden within a woodland. It boasts a beautiful collection of Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias and other rare plants. It’s located within Richmond Park and the best time to visit is in May, as (depending on the weather) the flowers are in full bloom. It’s a really peaceful place and great if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Chelsea Physic Garden (Chelsea)

Photo of Chelsea Physic Garden

Image by charliehopkinson

The Chelsea Physic Garden is situated just next to the Thames, on Chelsea Embankment, and is the oldest botanical garden in London, dating back to 1673. They regularly host events as well as behind the scenes tours, giving visitors a chance to see the workings of their beautiful garden.

Sky Garden (City of London)

Photo of Sky Garden in London

Image by katydillon

What’s cooler than a garden in the sky? Sky Garden is located just around the corner from Liverpool Street and boasts 360-degree views across London. It’s 35 floors up and what’s even better - it’s free!