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Meter readings and the price cap: All you need to know

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The Price Cap is changing on 1st October. It’s been widely publicised in the media that the increase this time is going to be a significant one, and naturally, households are concerned about the impact of this on their finances.

Should I submit a meter reading now or wait until 30th September?

Before the last price change, there was a lot of media focus on National Meter Reading Day as the day before the new Price Cap comes into force. But the reality is, the best way to always make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy use is to submit regular meter reads. We recommend doing this monthly which allows your energy supplier to check that your bills are accurate, and you can budget for what you actually use rather than an estimate which is what will happen if there aren’t meter readings on your account. Estimates will be based on historical use and so if you’re trying to be more energy efficient and reduce how much energy you’re using this won’t be reflected in an estimated bill.

The key thing here is that you don’t need to wait and submit your meter read on the 30th September. Any time before now and the 1st October is a good time to send us your reads. And if you can keep up with regular meter reads then we’ll keep on top of your payments to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest information on your account.

How do I submit a meter reading?

The easiest way to submit a reading to So Energy is to log on to your online account. That’s where you can submit all your up-to-date meter reads. If you’re struggling to do this then of course you can call or email us, but we’re expecting a lot of people to be submitting readings between now and the 30th September. That might mean a longer than usual wait time to talk to us or for us to respond to your email.

Beat the queues and submit your meter read online any time from 26th September

Can I submit my meter read via text?

The simple answer is yes. After the huge demand placed on our call centre teams back in March, we took action to make sure that customers can easily and conveniently submit meter reads to us when it suits you, not just when our phone lines are open.

-          You can submit a meter reading by calling us outside of our usual hours and leaving a voice message with your meter read which will be updated to your account without you having to speak to anyone

-          We’ll be sending text message reminders to ask for a meter read, and you can simply reply to this message with your updated meter readings

-          If you’ve forgotten your password to your online account, you can click ‘forgot password’ and within minutes be logged in where you’re able to submit a meter read.

-          We’ll be introducing an online chat function that is an automated way to submit a meter reading to our teams without talking to a real person. You’ll see this new feature at the bottom right of the screen on your desktop or mobile device.

What if I have a smart meter, do I still need to submit a meter reading?

The beauty of having a fully working smart meter is that you don’t need to submit a meter reading as we’ll be able to get all the information we need directly from your meter.

I’m on a So Flex variable tariff, do I still need to submit a meter reading?

The answer to this one is yes. We suggest that during the week of the 26th September in the run up to the price change you submit your reading via one of the many self-service methods listed above. We’ll then use this reading and your usage history since joining So Energy and your previous suppliers to estimate the reading for 1st October. As you’ll have submitted a read in the week beginning 26th September, this will be an accurate estimate.

I’ve had an estimated bill and I don’t agree with it. What do I do next?

Estimated readings are based on a number of factors including where you are in the country, the weather, your annual usage and all this information is approved by the central industry systems that manage this data. The information tends to be pretty accurate, but if there’s anything you’re concerned about then the best way for us to check your account is by submitting a meter reading as soon as possible via one of the self-service methods listed above and we’ll be able to check all the details for you well in advance of the price change.

I don’t have a smart meter, but I’d like one

No problem, we can arrange a smart meter to be fitted at your property. By replacing the old traditional meter with a shiny new smart meter, you’ll no longer have to submit your meter reads. We’ll be able to get the data we need remotely to issue more accurate bills more regularly. To book an appointment you can either

·       Check your email. If you’re eligible, we’ll have sent you an email or two with a link to book,

·       Or head to your online account and look for a banner at the top of your screen with a link to book.

·       If you can’t find an email or banner, register your interest in smart meters here.

I’m on a fixed tariff and my end date isn’t coming up for a while. Do I need to do anything?

If you’re on a fixed tariff then the price change to the Price Cap won’t affect you at all. At the end of your fixed tariff date, you will automatically be moved to the So Flex variable product if you don't choose another fixed term tariff. At that point you will be subject to the Price Cap changes which now happen every three months.

You won’t need to submit a meter reading in the next few weeks, but we do continue to recommend that everyone with a traditional meter submits a meter reading monthly to ensure that you’re paying an accurate amount for your energy use.