Our renewable energy sources

We make sure that all the electricity we supply to our customers comes from renewable sources. We've made agreements with electricity generators across Great Britain, and they provide us with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) certificates to confirm that all the electricity generated is renewable. Each year, we give these REGOs to Ofgem to show that we're 100% renewable. You can see below some of the places where we sourced our energy from last year.

If you're a customer then you can also have your say on where we source our energy on our Vote for your source page!

Facts 100 percent

The World Economic Forum has forecast that 139 countries in the world could be 100% renewable by 2050

Facts 30 percent

UK's solar Photovoltaic capacity is currently growing at 30% year on year


Hour of sunlight has to beam on earth to meet world energy demands for a whole year


The total power from tides worldwide is 3,000 GIGAWATTS. Scientists estimate about 10% of this could be converted to electricity with tidal barrages.


It is estimated that by 2020, the UK's renewable industry will support up to 400,000 jobs

Last year's electricity source mix

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