Wind Turbines

All of our electricity comes from renewable sources

Electricity generators from around Great Britain provide us with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates to confirm all the electricity generated by them is renewable. Each year, we give these REGOs to Ofgem (the government regulator for energy suppliers) to prove our green credentials.

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wind turbine


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The turbines that dot the horizon in increasing numbers make the UK the sixth-biggest generator of wind power in the world.

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solar panel


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Solar cells, also known as Photovoltaic (PV cells), convert sunlight directly into electricity.

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Hydroelectric power comes from dams where they release water from height, and this drives a water turbine and generator.

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Biomass is organic material that comes from plants and animals, often in the form of wood pellets, waste wood or animal manure.

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Last year’s electricity source mix

Wind 36%, Solar 27%, Biomass 23%, Hydro 14%

The world economic forum has forecast that 139 countries in the world could be 100% renewable by 2050.

UK’s solar photovoltaic capacity is currently growing at 30% year on year.

It’s estimated that over half the UK’s electricity will be renewable by 2025

Wind power generated 20% of all of the electricity consumed in the UK in 2019

1 hour of sunlight provides enough energy to earth’s surface to meet world energy demands for a whole year.