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Inspiring Inclusion in Tech

Jordan Torres

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements and advocating for gender equality across every facet of our society. It’s a call for us to collectively demand change so that every woman and girl has the opportunity and freedom to pursue what their most authentic self is. This year’s theme is to Inspire Inclusion, and at So Energy, we’re making headway in embodying this by partnering with Code First Girls to close the gender gap and help women and non-binary people pursue a tech career.

What is Code First Girls?

Code First Girls was established in 2012, aiming to diversify the tech sector by recruiting more women. They partner with different businesses (like us!) to provide free education that leads to employment opportunities in tech. Since then they’ve helped over 150,000 women learn to code, in turn diversifying an entire industry and leading the way for social mobility.

Our partnership

We sponsored 11 people to level up their skills to pursue a tech career. There are six degrees, which are 16-week courses in either data, software, full-stack or product management. This was coupled with five CF+Masters places, which are four-week intensive courses that provide learners with additional skills and knowledge across DevOps & Cloud, Cyber Security, Mobile App Development and more. We’ve so far made five offers for these places, and are excited to help nurture their professional development and diversify STEM fields when they start on 23 August 2024.

The current landscape

Currently, women remain underrepresented in STEM and tech roles, contributing to a gender gap that limits the industry's potential. Studies have shown that diverse teams and perspectives yield better outcomes - a stance we boldly believe in. By incorporating different voices and experiences, we enhance creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Plus, we tap into a pool of talent that can drive positive change and make breakthrough discoveries.

Equal representation is not just about attracting women to STEM and tech roles; it's also about providing supportive environments that foster their growth and success. Employers must prioritise diversity and inclusion, creating spaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. By promoting programs like Code First Girls, networking opportunities, and professional development, we can ensure that women in STEM have the support they need to succeed.